Earlier this year we dropped a Czarface sock collection with Arvin Goods.

The capsule (available on our site) combines Czarface visuals with Arvin's low impact materials story using upcycled cotton waste and recycled plastic bottles.

This collaboration taught us a lot about how sorry the apparel game is, and we have giant-sized plans for the Czarments we're going to offer you. Given the market and political climate we live in today, we want to be part of the solution (not contribute to the problem) so over the next few drops, you're going to see us transition towards using better materials in our products whenever possible. We aren't perfect and we don't have all the answers but we're going to follow the cleanest path we can find to produce the best product possible and leave the smallest footprint we can.

So look out for recycled, organic, and other new type of materials from Czarface and our best partners. To start this off, Lamour Supreme went "trooper" on us with this insane post-apocalyptic landscape for Czarface to drive home our reczarcled message.

We're pre-selling this shirt now and it will ship sometime around Black Friday. Stay tuned for more info soon!